Journal Detail

Apr 2021


This issue of Asian Dispute Review commences with Lucy F Reed’s 25th Goff Lecture (2020), Arbitrator Temperance: David Caron’s Rule of X, which proposes an approach to arbitrator acceptance of appointments aimed at avoiding individual over-commitment and promoting a broader spread.

This is followed by Nils Eliasson and Edward Taylor’s examination of Hong Kong’s recently proposed law reform on outcome fee-related charging structures in their article, Levelling the International Arbitration Playing Field: Outcome-Related Fee Structure Reform in Hong Kong and Singapore. Peihao (Patrick) Yuan’s article, Can Foreign Arbitral Institutions Directly Administer Cases in Mainland China? then discusses this topic in light of recent policy pronouncements and case law.

Kellie Hyae-Young Yi’s article, Electronic Gaming and Intellectual Property Disputes in Asia, discusses recent trends in intellectual property dispute resolution with regard to electronic games, using Hong Kong as an exemplar. For the In-house Counsel section, Denis Brock and Aditya Kurian then discuss costs allocation principles in arbitration in their article, The ‘Pay As You Go’ Principle in Deciding Costs: A Powerful Tool in the Arbitral Tribunal’s Case Management Arsenal. This is followed by Kay Kian Tan and Bhavish Advani’s article for the Jurisdiction Focus section, which discusses recent developments in international arbitration in Thailand.

Finally, Robert Morgan reviews the book, International Arbitration and the COVID-19 Revolution.

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